My CADA 360 — The Reformulary

The Reformulary is a list of drugs, or formulary, that is developed and managed by an independent panel of doctors and pharmacists that reviews research and evidence about each drug. The CADA 360 drug plan reimburses drugs according to the Reformulary.
Image graphic with the following text: CADA360 drug benefit powered by reformulary group. Preferred drugs - Tier 1 - Best Drugs: Drugs that provide the best combination of clinical and cost-effectiveness. You pay the least amount out of pocket. Non-preferred drugs. Tier 2 - Drugs that provide less value. You Pay more. Tier 3 - Drugs that provide the least value. You pay the most. For every non-preferred drug, there is always a preferred alternative. It is YOUR choice.

Mon CADA 360 — Reformulary

Reformulary est une liste de médicaments conçue et gérée par un groupe indépendant de médecins et de pharmaciens qui se penche sur les recherches et les preuves sur chaque médicament. Le régime CADA 360 rembourse les médicaments conformément aux lignes directrices de Reformulary.

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