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CADA Overview

The Canadian Automobile Dealers Association (CADA) is the national association for franchised automobile and truck dealerships that sell new cars and trucks. Our 3,200 dealers represent a key sector of Canada's economy. Through our dealers, we are represented in nearly every community and those dealers collectively employ over 140,000 people across the country.

CADA is a federation of provincial and regional dealer associations. Our Board of Directors is made up of the representatives of those organizations. Our Executive Committee includes dealers chosen by each of the major regions and the President of CADA. This means that our regional members have direct input into the association's strategic direction and daily decision-making.

Quebec dealer Marc Bourassa steps in early as 76th Chairman

Quebec-based BMW and Cadillac dealer Marc Bourassa was formally confirmed as CADA's 76th chairman at the national association's Board of Director's meeting in Toronto in October after taking over the role in July from then Chairman Harry Mertin who had to step down after selling his dealership interests.

For Bourassa moving into a new leadership role with the association somewhat ahead of the usual timetable wasn't a new challenge, as he had previously accepted the position as 2nd Vice Chairman ahead of schedule following the resignation of the Quebec representative also following the sale of his dealership. By moving into the Chairman's seat early Bourassa will become the longest serving leader of the association in recent memory.

Bourassa can look forward to a busy and challenging year ahead which will see CADA celebrate its 75th Anniversary; one of his first public high profile roles will be to welcome dealers and industry representatives to the association's anniversary celebration in New Orleans prior to the NADA Convention in January.